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My name is Melissa, I’m 23 years old and in March 2020 started working as an A&E nurse in London. Prior to this I worked on an Acute Medical Unit in Manchester for a year.

This blog was started to bookmark the story of a nurse working in A&E through the pandemic. A&E Covid-19 Story covers what I experienced during this time. I started in A&E the week the UK went into lockdown and decided to document the story. During the weeks to come I discuss learning about how to manage a patient with Covid-19 and the special measures brought into A&E. I also answer many FAQs including questions about PPE and dispelling myths. Other things discussed in the blog include matters that have come to light during this time such as scrubs and gender inequality.

I have also created the Nurse Hub which is a page made for Nurses to find motivational songs, tips etc.

Additionally, I have put together Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Professionals in the Selfcare in Healthcare section.

I also have a Lifestyle: East London section which I use to document the more light hearted parts of my life and living in London, not directly relating to my job.

If you would like to read A&E Covid-19 Story, Click Here