A&E Covid 19 Story Week 1

Week 1

A&E Covid 19 Story: Cancelled training sessions, E learning and apprehension

To begin the A&E Covid 19 story I start at week 1.This is mostly training. The first day I sit in a training classroom of about 30 people. We are given advice on hand washing and vague advice about isolating/not attending if you have Covid 19 symptoms. No one else on the induction is about to start in the Emergency Department (ED). Everyone looks slightly concerned when I tell them where I will be working. We are made to take part in teamwork activities with no respect shown to social distancing advice and we are given lunch. There’s plenty of hand sanitiser to go around and a lot of people are covering their phones with it too.

My online timetable shows the activities for the day but have gaps for the next day with no explanation of what they require me to do on these days. I emailed my line manager and received no reply so walked to the emergency department to suss out the situation about what they had planned for me for the week.


There are banners everywhere, COVID-19. No visitors! Most importantly, there is a sense of alarm and panic once inside the department however it seems unusually quiet as there are no visitors. I meet with my manager who apologises for a chaotic induction week due to the circumstances and explains the clinical educators are both currently off work. 

The nurse asks me to go home and work on e-learning for the week. This is due to the cancellation of all of my training classes, apart form basic life support and IT system training.

I prep for the next week which is where I start working in ED. Click on the links below to read more on A&E Covid 19 Story.

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