A&E Covid 19 Story: London

Confidentiality disclaimer: To ensure the NMC’s guidelines on confidentiality are adhered to, no personal or identifying information will be in this blog. All names used will be pseudonyms and no place, staff or patient details will be used. 

Week 1: Cancelled training sessions, e-learning and apprehension

Week 2: Starting in the Emergency Department

Week 3: Emotional Strain and Covid-19 Resus

Week 4: The logistical issues of discharging patients with Covid

Week 5: #ClapforHeroes

Week 6: Myth-busting and FAQ’s

Week 7: Changes to the NHS

Week 8: Scrubs and the Inequality Beneath

Week 9: Post Covid Complications & an Innovative NHS

Week 10: Covid 19 and BAME Inequality

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