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How to do a Homeshoot

A few weeks back myself and my housemates were finding ourselves bored, unispired and creatively stifled. As there hadn’t been any reason to look pretty in a while, we were finding we had unworn clothes in the wardrobe and our daily routines had become mundane and lacking creativity. I had seen some posts on Instagram showing content produced over facetime such as this amazing shot from @flashbachphotos and I was #shook. I decided to write this post to help anyone who wanted to know how to do a homeshoot!

This prompted me to message my friend Polina who is a photographer temporarily living in france. I asked if she would be up to collaborating on a home shoot together and she was on board immediately. We soon set up and started laying the plans for the shoot. I didnt know how to do a homeshoot, however Polina took a directors role with Kandys help and we ended up producing wholesome quarantine content we were very happy with. Here is the process in case anyone wanted to know how to do a home shoot!

Here is a step by step guide to ensure you produce the best home shoot content.

  1. Set up your team. contact the people who you want to involve in the content producing process. This includes deciding on the models, photographer and who is going to edit the content. If you live with other people you can also swap into the role of photographer/model.

The Team

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Polina: Photographer
Photo of Myself and Kate how to do a homeshoot
Myself & Kate: Models
Photo of stylist Kandy how to do a homeshoot
Kandy: Stylist
  1. Get creative! Have a think and discussion about the type of content you want to produce. what props do you want to use/what outfits and acccessories do you want to feature to style the shoot and what ultimate content do you want to end up creating. In this shoot my housemate Kandy took on the role of stylist and worked with Polina to coordinate the outfits with the shots. Have a look at other home shoot examples by using the #homeshoot tag on instagram and pintrest. Due to Covid 19 and the necessary social distancing measures, many brands (such as ASOS, seen below) who usually produce professional editorials in a studio, are now resorting to homeshot content. Thus setting the trend for some time to come on how most editorials will likely be styled.
  1. In the absence of professional equipment, use the phone with the highest quality camera availabe in your house and set this up to facetime or skype the designated photograher. As the photographer involved for my shoot had use of professional equipment Polina was able to take photos of her laptop screen.
Photo of myself and Kate, how to do a homeshoot
Photo captured by facetime screenshot function.
  1. Vary the way you capture photos. Try using self timer on a phone with assistance and direction of your housemates and photographer on a FaceTime call. As a result of using FaceTime, you can also use the photo taking function in facetime to capture live photos on an Iphone.
photo of myself, how to do a homeshoot
Photo taken of her laptop by Polina with a camera

5. Go for some outfit changes to switch up the content

photo of kate


6. Use household props to capture that staying at home vibe!

photo of kate with a plant
black and white photo of myself and kate how to do a homeshoot

7. Have fun and create something you will remember! As soon as pubs, bars and restaurants are open again and you have more excuses to get out of the house you probably wont be rushing to create home content, so use this opportunity to create something to remind you of the good times had during this strange time.

black and white photo how ot do a homeshoot
phot of myself and kate at a table

In conclusion, I hope this helps anyone who wants to know how to do a homeshoot!

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