Lifestyle: East London

This space compromises of sections of my life worth reporting outside of the Nursing and healthcare side ie Lifestyle: East London. I am currently based in London- somewhere I am continualy inspired by. Many posts in this section will feature the happenings of my existence in East London.

As I moved here at the beginning of 2020, lockdown has has been an opportunity to explore the area on bike and on foot.

My current favourite walks are in and around Limehouse Basin!

I also like Victoria park and Hackney as they are easy to cycle to!


Hash Brownies East London: Read my review of this lovely East London Bakery created by Hash, who trained at the Hummingbird Bakery!

Lockdown in East

Here are a few things I have been up to so far:

Doing a photoshoot from home! Click for How to do a Homeshoot

Documenting the things I have enjoyed in July: tees modelled in Poplar July Must-haves

Keep your eyes peeled for more Lifestyle: East London content coming soon!

Lifestyle: East London

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