Selfcare in Healthcare

This post compiles tips and resources for Selfcare in Healthcare especially tailored to healthcare and medical workers but suitable for all!

The World Health Organisation described ‘Self Care’ as the ability to promote health, this includes the prevention of disease and to cope with illness. This can be working with or without accessing a health care provider.

In the current climate, ‘self care’ has also been used to describe the practise of looking after ones self. This can mean someone engaging in and enjoying pampering activities such as baths, face masks and candles. It can also mean being kinder to yourself and setting boundaries. such as turning down an invitation if you are too tired or telling someone if they have done something that makes you uncomfortable.

My definition of self care often changes. I have recently bought some plants and the plant outlet I bought them from emailed me reminding me that “plant care is self care”. The act of nurturing and nourishing my plants and watching them grow I believe contributes to my overall wellness!

Within Healthcare I believe looking after yourself is absolutely invaluable albeit challenging at times. Due to this Here are some self care resources I have compiled.

Selfcare in Healthcare.

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