Student Nurse Placement Hairstyles

Today I am going to talk through some Student Nurse Placement Hairstyles.

Being stuck in a starchy baggy uniform for 12 hours in a day really didn’t do wonders for my self confidence when I was a student. I often found myself feeling frustrated by the lack of individuality the dress code of being a nurse allows.

I still think it is an ongoing issue how nurses are confined to a stiff uniform but doctors aren’t. You can read about the inequality and historical significance of the dress codes between Doctors and Nurses Here.

Expressing individuality as a nurse is more difficult than a regular job with a Smart dress code! The only 2 things you can really choose to style whilst still adhering to uniform are shoes and hair. Read about my opinion on the Best Nursing Shoes for Placements Here.

This brings me to the point of this post, which is 5 of the Best Student Nurse Placement Hairstyles.

All of these hairstyles keep your hair off the collar which is what most Nursing uniform dress codes require.

The Stylish Low Bun with Symmetrical Clips

Student Nurse placement Hairstyles
Couple the hair style with the small pair of hoop earrings (I would remove the large earrings that are pictured here).

This hair style is one of my favourites and definitely the hairstyle I wear most often to work.

The low bun gives you an air of chic and I think it’s quite a utilitarian modern working woman look.

The symmetrical clips suit this the best and couple with a pair of tiny hoop earrings (so you don’t obviously violate any uniform guidelines).

Student Nurse Placement Hairstyles 2

The reason I like this look is because it doesn’t matter how greasy your hair is- it is always pull offable and it’s so quick and easy.

The High Pony.

Again, another easy hair style.

This one is good for when I want to instill confidence. It looks put together and quite preppy.

Pair it with a delicate hair band to go with and style some bits of hair around your face.

The Low Space Buns

Even though going to actual festivals seem like a distant memory, with this work-place-adaptation on the fabulous festival favourite you’ll at least be remembering the good times whilst you suffer at work 🙂

To achieve this look simply part your hair in two and tie them in seperate low buns. As they don’t have to hold the same tension that top of the head buns hold, you can use any style of bun. I tied mine in a simple loop through.

Tip: tie the buns close to your head to achieve a hold that will keep for longer.

The Not-Too Messy Bun

The next option on the student nurse placement hair style list is easy, practical and is perfect for low effort days.

This is the Not-too-messy Bun. There are many ways to achieve the perfectly imperfect messy bun. I find the easiest and most effective way to do it is as follows:

Collect your hair in one hand, whether this is by brushing it back in a slicked back look or keeping the parting of your hair and collecting it at the back.

Twist your hair until it circles around itself.

Tie with a bobble and add a scrunchie! You can then pull out a few strands.

Double French Plaits

This is a more time consuming hair style, however I would recommend it for when you have 2 shifts in a row because I am of the opinion that you can sleep with them in.

It also means that when you do take them out, your hair is very voluminously wavy.

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